Friday, August 12, 2011

Ep.7 - Cidercast: Value Your Apps

So this week on Cidercast we try to work out how to fix the patent system as well as consider a campaign to save email. We also talk about a bunch of Apps we have been using including Shifty Jelly's great Pocket Casts app which has been at the centre of controversy recently and much much more! Join @yagankiely and @theguycalledtom as we take the journey to the future!
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  • Show Notes:

  • Cider of the Week: Monteith’s Crushed Apple Cider
  • iA Writer for Mac
  • AppShopper
  • Caffeinated Beta
  • Podcaster for iPhone
  • Feed Flipper
  • Discovr Apps
  • AirMusic
  • DaisyDisk
  • Pocket Casts by Shifty Jelly
  • Amazon App Store: Rotten To The Core
  • Telstra 4G LTE Coming Soon
  • Juno spacecraft with Lego
  • Water Flowing On Mars
  • Rede­sig­ning the brow­ser win­dow for full screen
  • "Stone-Like" Optical Media
  • Star Wars on Blu-Ray