Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ep.6 - Cidercast: Universal Fragmentation

Just as various iOS apps are going universal, Apple is rumoured to be considering fragmenting their eco-system even more by altering the dimensions of the iPhone's screen in version 5. Any developer bringing their iOS app to the Android platform are becoming familiar with the extra dev work this requires. We discuss these issues as well as wonder about what may be the next killer feature in portable technology given Apple's introduction of Bluetooth 4 in its most recent Mac hardware updates. Join @yagankiely and @theguycalledtom as we take the journey to the future!
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  • Show Notes:

  • Discovr Apps
  • Ustream for iOS
  • Al Gore's Our Choice "App Book"
  • Post Show: Push Pop Press abandon's platform to join Facebook
  • Skype for iPad
  • Apple TV 2 update
  • "Watch Later" app for iPad
  • Updated Macbook Air 2011 Benchmarks
  • Adobe Edge Preview
  • "Hype" for HTML5 dev on the Mac
  • iPhone 5 seen in the wild?
  • iPhone home button speculation
  • Where wood is used in Formula 1 cars