Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ep.9 - Cidercast: HP Rage Quits

So HP totally freaks out after the TouchPad unsurprisingly has terrible sales after their equally terrible attempt at a launch and decides to dump not only WebOS hardware but also their entire PC business. We talk about that as well as discuss what we want from the iPhone 5 and many other random subjects. Join @yagankiely and @theguycalledtom as we take the journey to the future!
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  • Show Notes:

  • Cider of the Week: Sail & Anchor Castaway Cider
  • Appletiser Sparkling Apple Juice
  • Wilson, Cast Away and Product Placement
  • Photovine for iOS
  • Optus TV Now for iOS
  • Grid 10 tablet in action
  • Safari Omnibar updated
  • WebOS running on the iPad?
  • WebOS Enyo for iPad?
  • HP sticking with WebOS software?
  • Skitch now available for free
  • Blackberry Music service